News of the Royal House of Portugal


The 12th March 2006 - Cefalà Diana, Palermo (Italy)


Inauguration of the Cefalà Diana parish library dedicated to the Duchess Maria Pia of Saxe Coburg Braganza in the presence of the Ducke of Evora, Dom Simone Joska, and some Knights of the Knight of the Portuguese Crown Orders.

Photos: of the inauguration

Postcard of D. Maria Pia of Saxe Coburg Braganza and the official post mark of the Italian Post in the memory of the Duchess of Braganza.


The 10th - 11th - 12th days of November 2005 - Vicenza (Italy)

Meeting with H.R.H., the prince Albert von Anhalt, duke of Saxe, Westphalia and of Engern and signature of the cooperation document between the two Royal Houses.



The 25th July 2005 - Termini Imerese (Italy)

On the 25th of July, 2005, in the Termini Imerese Cathedral, took place the celebration for the placement of the Saint James wood statue, that was restored due to the intervention of the Order of Saint James of the Sword.

Near the statue, which was placed on a splendid lateral chapel, was fixed a bronze memorial tablet representing Saint James figure, made by the sculpture Commander Biagio Governali of the homonymous Order, and also representing the coat of arms not only of the Royal House of Portugal, but also of the Royal Order of Saint James of the Sword.



The 19th Juny 2005 - Palermo (Italy)

The solidarity award Lions Club Palermo

Photos of the celebration.


The 6th May 2005- Verona (Italy)

Celebration of the 10th anniversary of H.R.H. Dona Maria Pia. On the monumental cemitery of Verona , where the H.R.H. mortal remains are, tooked place the 10th anniversary of the H.R.H. Dona Maria Pia's death (06/05/1995). With the presence of H.R.H. Dom Rosario, Princess Cristina, Prince Simone, representatives of the Cown Council and of the Chivalric Orders as also a few sympatheticals. A crown of flowers was placed there and the will of taking to the National Pantheon of Lisbon, near August predecessors, the mortal remains of H.R.H. Dona Maria Pia, was once again reminded.

Photos of the celebration.

16th of April 2005 - Vicenza (Italy)

Visit of Mons. Antonio, Metropolitan of Italy and Archie-bishop of Ravenna, and His retinue to H.R.H. Dom Rosario.

Photos of the visit.


25th – 30th days of March 2005 - Kiev, Ukraine.

At the end of the month of March it took place the visit in Kiev of the Inspector General dr. Roberto Cavallaro to sign the presence agreements of the Knights of Blue Cross in Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukraine Orthodox Chivalric Order of Saint Michel Archangel under the High Patronage of His Holiness the Patriarch Filaret.

During the journey there were organizational meetings that made possible the exchange of letters between the Inspector General and the High Prior of Kiev of the Order of Saint Michel Archangel in Kiev, Volodimir Dron.

A very interesting moment was represented by the visit to the military high school of Kiev ‘Ivan Bogun', with the welcome of the General Commander of the school Leonid Vasilievich Kravchuk. The kids that study at the military school are mostly orphans or coming from very poor families. After the scholarship period where they get education and a practical tuition, they can choice between the military or the civil life.

The school represents a very important engagement for the new Ukraine as to make good citizens that will be conscious to take more and more part to the European reality that it cannot be postponed anymore and it must be pointed out the engagement of the institution to be able to give a very good education through its courses with the very poor equipments they have to which helps the outstanding will of the young students.

Before than leaving there were the exchange of the official notes between the Inspector General and the Patriarch of Kiev and Ukraine Filarete that wanted to ratify with the Patriarch Bull the cooperation between our Organization and the Order of Saint Michel Archangel of which he is the High Protector.

Photos: Exchange of gifts between His Holiness Filarete and the Inspector General.
Photos: Exchange of the official letters of intent and of the absence Patriarch Bull.
Photos: Visit to the military school ‘Ivan Bogun'.
Photos: Representatives of the Order of Saint Michel Archangel.


16th – 18th day of March 2005 - Cetinje, Montenegro

It took place during the16th, 17th and 18th days of March 2005, the visit of the Inspector General dr. Roberto Cavallaro in Cetinje, ancient capital of Montenegro with the aim of the constitution of a Unit of Blue Knights in Montenegro.

There were official meetings, especially with Vice President del Parliament of Montenegro, Dragan Kujovic, with the Deputy Ministry of Culture, Predrag Malbasa and with the Director of the Hospital Danilo I°, dr. Ivan B. Gazivoda.

Moreover, it was given a reproduction in bronze of the panel of the portal of the Basilica of Saint Zeno in Verona, from the High Protector of the Blue Knights, S.A.R. Dom Rosario, to its Beatitude the Metropolitan of Montenegro and of the Litoral, the Archbishop Mihailo.

It was signed the agreement with the Association St. Vladimir of Duklea that will joint the Blue Knights and will carry the insignia. The public Ceremony that will formalize the cooperation will take place the next 1st day of May, day of the orthodox Easter and it will take place with the participation and the blessing of the Metropolitan of Montenegro, the Archbishop Mikhailo.

Within the same morning it will take place the distribution of the supplies to the most needy families and it will be visited the Hospital of Cetinje with which it will be established the helping protocols for the construction of some wards of the hospital.

Photos: Meeting with the Metropolitan of Montenegro, Mons. Mihailo & Consign of the panel, gift of the Duke of Bragança.
Photos: Visit to the Hospital Danilo I of Cetinje.
Photos: Convivial meeting with the Vice Ministry of Culture.


The 29th of January 2005 - Palermo (Italy)

Villa Niscemi (Representative Seat of the Town of Palermo). Convivial Meeting with the just honored individuals and eminent guests.

Photos of the celebration.


The 29th of January 2005 - Palermo (Italy)

University of Parlermo, Main Hall. The highlights of the ceremony of the grant of Honors of Dynastic Orders and of the Crown to eminent international individuals.

Photos of the celebration.

The 21th of January 2005 - Vicenza (Italy)

Ceremony of acceptance to the nominee as Honorary Prelate of the Royal House of Portugal of H.E. Mons. Alberto Tricarico, Archibishop of Sistroniana, Apostolic Nuncio.

Photos of the celebration.


The 7th of September 2004

A restricted group of people, close to Mr. Dom Rosario, celebrated the first birthday of H.R.H. Lady Krystal Isabel Donna Maria Pia Quarta Saxe Coburgo Gotha Bragança of Portugal, Infant of Portugal, Countess of Arraiolos. Beside the Duke of Bragança, also the mother, Donna Kristina, Dom Simone Joska, representatives of the Chivalric Orders of the Royal House and exponents of the IIRD, International Institute for Diplomatic Relations, whose President is Dom Rosario, were present.

Photos of the celebration.


On the day 12 of the month of April of the year 2004

In the Parish of Saint Felice and Fortunato in Vicenza, S.A.R. Princess Donna Krystal Isabel Donna Maria Pia Quarta Saxe Coburgo Gotha Bragança of Portugal, Infant of Portugal, Countess of Arraiolos was christened.
The cerimony took place in a strictly private capacity, at the presence of the August Parents, S.A.R. Dom Rosario Duque de Bragança e Donna Kristina, Marquise of Neiva, and the most closed relatives.

Photos of the christening.